Top tips to help boost your pool cleaner sales…

MAYTRONICS, available through Certikin, are innovators of the electronic robot cleaner.

Maintaining a clean pool can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. Thankfully, with the help of an automatic pool cleaner, it can be easier to keep a pool in pristine condition. With that in mind, they say the best way to sell a swimming pool cleaner is to give a customer, courtesy use of a unit, for a fixed time period, on free trial.

Once they have experienced the multiple benefits of a cleaner, you would be hard pushed to wrestle the clean machine from the customers’ grasp. “Many pool companies have great success when they use a cleaner as part of routine pool maintenance to generate an inquiry,” advises Neil Muscat, Pools Division Sales Manager.

“Alternatively, loan machines are available so that the end user is able to try before they buy.” Automatic pool cleaners are of most interest to the end user at the beginning of the season say Certikin, one of the official distributors in the UK of Dolphin pool cleaners, supplied by Maytronics.

NEW TO THE UK AUTOMATIC pool cleaner market this season is an impressive robotic offering from Ocea UK.

With a proven 35-year track record, Maytronics are innovators of the electronic robot cleaner with a wealth of worldwide pool knowledge and pool profiles, so always have the right cleaner range for the market they are selling in. With an RRP of £3,307 plus VAT, the Dolphin Supreme M700 is the top specification Dolphin automatic pool wall and floor cleaner for pools up to 15m using pvc brushes for all pool types.

It includes Wi-Fi and remote control as well as a 5 level filter status and temperature sensor It has three cleaning cycle options. The unit is plug and play, has a low power consumption, and comes with a four-year warranty.

For customers in the market for a top-of-the-line pool cleaning robot, the class-leading PiranhaX range is an exceptional choice. The PiranhaX range, available through Golden Coast, offers three distinct models: the compact PiranhaX Go, the popular PiranhaX Plus, and the robust PiranhaX Max for more demanding pool applications. “Test after test has shown the PiranhaX to be a best-in-class pool cleaner,” says Adam Clark, General Manager at Golden Coast.

“Their intelligent design, ease of use, and user-friendly features make them an incredibly attractive proposition for pool owners.” With an RRP of £1332 to £2010, PiranhaX stands out from traditional pool cleaning robots due to its strong cogwheel mechanism, which eliminates the need for belts and ensures excellent stability during operation. This feature makes the range incredibly dependable and capable of handling powerful torque. Additionally, all models have remarkable slope durability, enabling them to handle inclines and contours on the pool bottom with ease.

Each model also includes a special cable with a 360° rotational mechanism to prevent tangling during operation, a common issue with wired robots. Furthermore, the ClearView panel simplifies filter inspection, saving time and effort during maintenance. And when it comes to filtration, PiranhaX has two individual 4D Hyperfine 430cm2 microfibre filters, which results in 860cm2 (3.7l) maximum water filtration, ensuring that your pool water stays clean and clear.

AVAILABLE FROM GOLDEN COAST, the PiranhaX stands out from traditional pool cleaning robots due to its strong cogwheel mechanism.

New to the UK automatic pool cleaner market this season is an impressive robotic offering from Ocea UK. Ocea’s cordless cleaner is powered by Freedrive Technology and navigates using i-MAPPING Technology for accurate and powerful cleaning. The advanced Freedrive Technology makes the cleaner completely rechargeable and negates the need for an umbilical cable like traditional pool cleaners.

Freedrive brings all the advantages of a fully rechargeable power unit giving you the freedom to simply drop the cleaner into the pool – no heavy cable to worry about, nothing to plug in an no caddy to put away. Magnetic technology makes the battery more energy efficient and long-lasting. Wireless technology means it is safe to swim whilst the cleaner is in action.

Being cordless doesn’t leave you with a lack of power. The cleaner can run unhindered for up to three hours, meaning it can easily clean a pool up to 20m long with a single charge. All that while having a pump rate of 18m3 an hour and pumping water through an 18-micron fine mesh filter basket with a 2ltr debris capacity.

MACHINES LIKE THE ZENIT, from SCP, makes it super- easy to look after pools with minimum effort and hassle.

The patented i-MAPPING Technology is a smart navigation system that uses the cleaner’s six built in sensors, combined with sophisticated intelligent software, which results in your cleaner having the ability to plot its way efficiently and precisely around any shape pool. With thanks to the six built-in sensors, the Ocea cleaner detects the difference between the pool floor and pool walls, resulting in an option to do a quick floor sweep, perfect for a last minute clean.

It can also detect the pool’s waterline, and will scrub along it, removing all the grime build up that is common for that area. Another 2023 pool cleaning newcomer, for the UK market, is the Cosmy now available through Plastica. Built by Aquatron, the Cosmy is a lightweight and efficient cleaner, promoted as the ideal solution for fast, optimised travel in the pool, unmatched cleaning and unrivalled reliability.

Cosmy robots are equipped with two stage planetary gear technology, a drive system that offers greater efficiency and better precision; combined with two drive motors and a powerful pump, With their rapid and logical travel mode and powerful suction, Cosmy robotic cleaners work fast. Cleaning cycles are short, consume less energy, and yield a flawless result.

from Aquatron, a lightweight and
efficient cleaner

Champions of the Dolphin range of robotic cleaners, SCP is highlighting the all-new Maytronics Dolphin Zenit 60 robotic cleaner tht makes it super- easy to look after pools with minimum effort and hassle. Step up to a new experience with the Zenit, a wall-climbing robotic pool cleaner, recommended for pools up to 12m in length – a cost-effective way to ensure entire pool cleaning, including the floor, walls and waterline.

Offering a maximum cleaning performance, convenient handling, and simple operation that needs no intervention – the Zenit is cloud- connected so you’ve always got control right in your hand — no matter where you are. Spoilt for choice when it comes to robotic pool cleaners to recommend to customers, it might be wise for the trade to practise what it preaches and also try before you buy.

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