KENNY AND CARLA MASSEY, centre, pictured with Chris Brady, left, and Dan Johnson right, at the opening of their new Hot Tubs Oxfordshire showroom.
KENNY AND CARLA MASSEY, centre, pictured with Chris Brady, left, and Dan Johnson right, at the opening of their new Hot Tubs Oxfordshire showroom.

Marquis hot tub dealers, Kenny and Carla Massey celebrated their first anniversary in business by opening a bigger and better showroom. The husband and wife team launched Hot Tubs Oxfordshire in April last year. Co-directors, Carla takes a leading role in the overall operation of the showroom while Kenny takes charge over the engineering side of the business. “We already doubled in size thanks to the huge success of our first year which has been incredible,” says Carla. “We plan to continue to stay put for a while and concentrate on selling premium products and offering exceptional customer service.” It was nearly 13 years ago that Kenny started working for a hot tub company based in his home town. He quickly got to grips with hot tub repairs, servicing and the engineer side of the company, so much so, that he was promoted to senior engineer in a very short amount of time. Kenny grew to love the job and the customers and it wasn’t long before he started having dreams of having his own company within the industry. “As a couple, we decided back in 2015 that between us, we had the skills to set out on our own,” reflects Carla. “We started a hot tub repairs and servicing company which was an instant hit thanks to Kenny’s personable skills and knowledge,” Carla explains. “We were approached by other hot tub companies to install their tubs which just added to the value of our company.

MArquis Spas
AFTER CARRYING OUT COMPREHENSIVE market research, the Masseys pinned their colours to the Marquis Spas flag.

“We ticked over for a few years but it wasn’t long before Kenny desires to go one step further.” The pair began to consider their own showroom but further research was needed to decide what brand they wanted to sell. Says Carla: “Kenny has made connections over the years and started sharing his thoughts with industry colleagues, particularly Chris Brady after attending his CHTT course. “Chris talked to Kenny about Marquis. At that point in point we still hadn’t found the brand for us but we knew we wanted to sell a premium brand. With support from Marquis’ UK representative, Dan Johnson, Carla and Kenny attended the Marquis conference in Feb 2019. “That’s when we knew this was the brand for us,” Carla reflects. “We loved the story behind the Marquis brand, we loved the fact it was an employeeowned company, we loved the fact they stood out in every sense of the word.”

At this point in time Carla was on maternity leave from her job in social care but this gave the couple an opportunity to go full steam ahead with putting our plans into place and the rest, as they say, is history. As they celebrated their first whirlwind year in their new roles, they invited their key business support, Chris Brady of 1 Stop Spas, to officially open their new showroom. Carla said: “We’d have to say Chris has been such an inspiration to us. He’s been there since day one and has always been there offering support, advice and guidance so we really can’t thank him enough. “We’d also like to thanks our industry colleagues for welcoming us so kindly.” She adds: “It really has been an incredible first year and to come away with four industry related awards already, it’s been a dream come true.”