Drought Implications For Pool & Spa Businesses

There has been confusion about the use of hose pipes involving swimming pool and hot tubs

Following conflicting claims, the Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association
has confirmed a joint statement with seven of the drought-affected
water authorities, confirming the original legislation that you can fill up a
newly constructed swimming pool with a hosepipe and top-up an existing
swimming pool with a hand held device such as a bucket.
The joint statement confirms that pool companies can perform
reconstruction and refurbishment on pools that need it to be done to prevent
damage or fix an already damaged pool and then fill them up with a hosepipe
but cosmetic renovation is exempt.
As previously, you can also fill and top-up swimming pools with a hosepipe
if they are used during a course of medical treatment or a pool used for the
welfare of animals or marine life.
Regardless of statements to the contrary and, as advised in the April issue
of Pool & Spa Scene, hot tubs are not impacted in any way. You can top up or
fill a hot tub with a hosepipe even if you are situated in an area affected by
the temporary use ban. For the full joint statement, visit the SPATA website.
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