For add-on sales, InSPAration offers a choice of 36 fragrances including spa liquids and crystals

Creating a luxury hot tub experience means paying attention to detail and picking the right accessories can make all the difference. The Visionlift hot tub cover lifter from Golden Coast keeps the cover out of sight by positioning it to the back of the spa where it rests on the deck or patio β€” giving users an unobstructed view of their surroundings. β€œA hot tub cover is necessary for protecting against debris and weathering, but that doesn’t mean it has to be seen or potentially ruin any picturesque vista the hot tub may overlook,” said Adam Clark, Sales director at Golden Coast. Fragrances can also make a big impact for spa and hot tub users.

For over 40 years, inSPAration has been providing high-quality products to the pool, spa and hydrotherapy industry, all developed and manufactured in Southern California. As the UK supplier, Golden Coast keeps a large stock of products from across the inSPAration range β€œThe inSPAration range is very popular, especially the crystals,” said Adam Clark. β€œThe fragrances are great for lifting your mood and making the hot tub all that more enjoyable to use.” A choice of 36 fragrances in the collection includes spa liquids and crystals containing vitamins and natural extracts that leave skin soft and moisturised, while filling the air with delicate scents for enhanced relaxation.

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