A challenging installation gives clients a stunning swim spa view..

The challenge to provide a swim spa in a limited size location on a balcony, making the best of a stunning view over the south of Jersey might have daunted many. But the team from Hydropool, based in the Channel Islands, leapt at the opportunity to enhance the newly built area in the front of this elevated property.

exceeding expectations

In essence, the client was looking for the ability to swim on an elevated balcony, to provide an exercise facility whilst recovering from surgery. The area available for a pool was limited, as they also wanted the orientation to take best advantage of the views whilst in the pool. By providing a Hydropool Aquatrainer swim spa in the desired area, the client did not lose any of the entertainment space available to them so being able to carry-off a balcony installation was crucial.

Access to the property is also severely limited for delivery of any large items such as this, and proved a challenge for both us and the haulage company. Once installed however, the client was delighted with the location as well as the performance of the swim spa, considering they did not think it was a possibility, and considerably exceeded their expectations.

The ability to get a swim spa to this stunning location is what really what makes it stand out but managing to find the product that would fit perfectly without compromising on performance really clinched it.

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