Family Team Goes The Extra Mile

Ava Danielson and her family are enjoying the water therapy benefits of a hot tub that was donated by Lakeland Spas.
Ava Danielson and her family are enjoying the water therapy benefits of a hot tub that was donated by Lakeland Spas.

A Cumbria-based hot tub company has made the dreams of one little girl come true, after donating a hot tub to her and her family.

Lakeland Spas were first introduced to six-year-old Ava Danielson after her mother, Julie, called the showroom in search of a cost effective hot tub for her daughter. Julie hoped that the hydrotherapy aspects of a hot tub would be beneficial for Ava, who has learning difficulties and behavioural issues.

Julie explains: “Neurologists and geneticists refer to Ava as a puzzle! No one seems to have any explanation as to why she has the difficulties she has. She has some traits of something’s but not enough to diagnose.

“Unfortunately Ava doesn’t respond well to physiotherapy, so in June we were advised to try water therapy to improve strength in her joints and coordination.

“Ava hates any clinical areas and responds better at home, so ultimately this is why we first started looking for some kind of water therapy that we could do at home.”

Julie contacted Lakeland Spas after seeing one of their adverts for a pre-loved hot tub. With a tight budget to work to, Julie was keen to know the most cost effective way of purchasing a hot tub. After hearing Ava’s story, the Lakeland Spas team immediately wanted to help and offered Julie the hot tub free of charge. In need of some TLC, Ava’s father Carl and a family friend refurbished and installed the hot tub. It is now up and running in the Danielson’s garden and is successfully providing Ava with the therapy that she needs. Ava’s occupational therapist is even developing a specialised hot tub exercise programme that Ava can now do in the comfort of her own back garden.

Julie comments: “The hot tub has really made a huge difference to Ava’s life. When she comes in from school she’s often anxious, ratty and tired but half an hour in the hot tub and she’s like a different child. “To the medical profession Ava is a ‘puzzle’ as they like to put it, but she’s now a happy puzzle.”

Catherine Smalley of Lakeland Spas adds: “We are so pleased that the hot tub is having such a positive effect on Ava and her family’s lives. We were delighted to be able to help and hope that the hot tub will continue to improve Ava’s quality of life.”