Platinum_BARCELONA_1The Barcelona from Platinum Spas…

Offering two loungers and three seats, Platinum Spas have unveiled their newly updated Barcelona hot tub as the perfect family spa This new design from Platinum Spas has moved away from the stereotypical Chinese manufacturing to a North American philosophy – by sourcing the highest quality components and craftsmanship. Customer research was undertaken to ensure the model moved forward, as the brand continues to innovate.
“We are really proud of the new Barcelona hot tub,” explains Gareth Ward, Sales Director for Platinum Spas, one of the brands within the newly formed Superior Wellness group. With the four pumps and the full specification it has everything a family needs when looking for a premium quality hot tub. “The concept for the Barcelona was to increase the overall hydrotherapy that a customer receives,” Gareth continues.
It is proving to be really popular with our partners and their customers. Since the launch we have had a large number of pre-orders from customers and our partners,” Gareth adds. “Increasing the size of jets used, improves the massage given and by adding a third hydrotherapy pump, we have managed to also increase the power of massage across the spa, making the Barcelona a hydrotherapy haven for that discerning who require that little bit extra.
“The Barcelona hot tub stands out in this range due to its full specification and the four pumps – making it the ideal choice for families looking for an exceptional quality hot tub. As well as the four pumps (three hydrotherapy and one circulation pump) with quadruple insulation – for more energy efficient water heating.

The Barcelona comes with 86 jets which offers a powerful massage due to the jet layout and quantity to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised. Other features include the dual lounger, waterfall, fountain, backlit jets, LED mood lighting plus Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your favourite music and a Spatouch 2 control system. The RRP will be £7,499 and it’s a high end, feature rich hot tub at a mid- range price point that’s not only aimed at the mid-range price point but for those customers looking to spend £10k plus on a high specification hot tub. With the rise in staycations and the trend set to continue, the Barcelona hot tub is the perfect addition to any garden or decking area, say the Platinum Spas team.

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