fitmessOffering distant views of Bamburgh Castle, this Tidal Fit EP-15semi sunken swim spa installation was carried out by Newcastle based North Spas.
The swim spa is housed in a glass and cedar combination building with easy open sliding doors to both sides.
“Our client had one of our Artesian Santa Cruz hot tubs fitted in2016,” explains North Spas’ Samantha Murphy. “She uses the hot tub for hydro massage to soothe her arthritic pains,” Samantha added.
“In 2017, she decided to increase her fitness levels but did not want to visit a gym or classes and began to look at buying her own gym equipment.
“We visited our client to perform a routine water change on her hot tub and discussed swim spas,” Samantha reveals.
“This initial discussion turned into booking a wet test followed by purchasing the powerful EP-15 Swim Spa.”
The Tidal Fit EP-15, from Artesian Spas, has four powerful swim jets so users can walk, jog or run against building up aerobic fitness.
It is also equipped with grab rails for stability and stretching as well as rowing bars targeting all of the core muscles.
On this project North Spas used 146 boards fastened together with 1,752 clips. The 11 planters the opportunity for the client to put her own twist on her new outdoor area. As light falls, the area is illuminated by 40 LEDs which have been flush-mounted into the decking setting the perfect ambience.

North Spas
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