Gold Medal For Exercise Pools

alistair brownless trains in his swimming pool
Alistair Brownlee says he was fit enough to win Gold at the Olympics, thanks to an Endless swimming pool

Olympic gold medallist Alistair Brownlee says he owes his London Games victory to an Endless swimming pool installed in the garden of his Yorkshire home.
The pool with an underwater treadmill not only hastened his recovery from a serious Achilles injury but enabled him to keep training.Alistair installed the pool himself with the help of some willing friends. He had to convince the local planning officer, the pool was permitted development.
Without the pool, Brownlee might not have made it to Hyde Park for what was one of most inspiring stories of the London Olympics; a battle for triathlon gold not only against injury and the rest of the field but also competing against his younger brother, Jonathan, who finished with bronze.
The Brownlee aqua therapy story received national and international coverage and was a shot in the arm for the swimspa and exercise pool market that has a strong tradition of promoting to the triathlon market.