grass rootsThis MySpa project went viral – in the best way possible..

An outstanding installation, when posted on social media and modestly boosted for three days, this project went viral, amassing nearly 40,000 views over one weekend. It is a set-up that would never fail to impress, is very easy-to-use for the client and has created a wonderful relaxation area on top of the exercise area with the contrasting materials working really well together. The client had been looking for a swim spa for some time to be housed in a new building containing gym equipment and relaxation area.

They visited the MySpa showroom near Leicester and decided on the ATV 14 Sport as it would just fit in the space they had allowed for. They were impressed with the build quality and design features of the ATV we had on display. They made a decision on the swim spa during the first visit as they were satisfied it was the right product for them.

Down the line, they had many problems with regards to planning permission for the building they wanted to create and ultimately decided to revisit our showroom to see if the Covana Legend automatic cover would work if they were to install outside in the patio instead.

The MySpa team discussed ways to make it blend in and become integral to this area of the property and they decided to fully recess the vessel into the patio and have the Covana act as a usable platform to relax on when the swim spa wasn’t in use. The customer decided to use Astroturf on the lid to make it blend in nicely with the surroundings being more discreet.

The project came in at approximately £50-60k but the client never really set a budget. They were keen to have something that would be easily usable and would have a wow factor in keeping with the rest of their beautiful property.