Heatwave Would Impact Chlorine Supply Chains

chlorine and other core pool and spa chemical.
2012 could be a challenging year for reliable supply routes of chlorine and other core pool and spa chemical.

The lifeblood of the water leisure sector, 2012 could be a challenging year for reliable supply routes of chlorine and other core pool and spa chemicals, says leading UK blenders and manufacturers, Water Treatment Products.
On the back of successive disappointing summers, some businesses are naturally reluctant to invest in stock levels, leaving them vulnerable to a sustained peak in demand in the event of a sustained hot summer.

This was very much the case in 2003 when we witnessed our last extended hot summer. In contrast, Water Treatment Products is increasing production at its Welsh factory to future-proof supplies.

“We are preparing our business for the demands of a good summer, so that our customers can be sure of sufficient product being available during the peak season,” comments James Lee, managing director of WTP’s leisure division.

“We are taking a pro-active approach by preparing for every eventuality rather than relying on panic-buying when the need arises. It is no good crossing our fingers and hoping we will cope.

“Instead, we are taking full responsibility as a market leader, ensuring product, packaging and materials are in place when orders are received, opposed to waiting for the order and then hoping our suppliers can meet demand,” he added.

WTP undertakes a continuous capital expenditure programme for new equipment and packing methods at its 40,000 sq. ft., fully
bunded, blending and manufacturing base in South Wales. The company has undertaken significant investment within its
manufacturing plant to comply and in most cases exceed the demands of all current legislation that chemical manufacturers must adhere to.
Extending production capability at the manufacturing plant by almost 100% in 2013, there are further capacity increases planned  or 2014 and beyond. In 2012/13 WTP will have increased production capability for blended liquids to 5000MT per annum.

Investing in quality bulk materials from reputable manufacturers who are signed up to the BPD (Biocides Product Directive), WTP maintains the highest possible ethical and environmental values for itself and its customers. James comments: “WTP’s business continues to grow with many new customers coming to the table to explore partnerships with our business while those who are already a customer have increased the level of business with WTP therefore already offering growth to our business.

“Regardless of a hosepipe ban or even a drought order, pool and hot tub owners, always need to keep a close eye on the water chemistry. Many water chemistry issues are often related to neglect, not testing the water frequently and pro-actively adjusting  chemistry readings, however this opens opportunities to the pool and spa trade who can offer the pool or hot tub owner  comprehensive support to their customers,” he adds.

“None of us can predict the future but WTP is investing in ours so that we are in the best possible position to help pool and spa businesses to cope with their demands.”
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