HOT TUBS FOR HOME OFFERS comprehensive but down-to-earth guidance.PWTAG has just published the second in a series of three important books about spas and hot tubs.
Hot Tubs for Home follows 2018’s Hot Tubs for Business. A book on commercial spas will also follow to complete the triple series.
These books, like the mother volume, Swimming Pool Water, do take a while to produce. That’s because a lot of time and effort goes into them, to make sure they reflect all necessary views, and that they are what you might call correct. And all that input, with the exception of the editor, is voluntary.
Once upon a time – and PWTAG has been publishing guidance on spas and hot tubs, as well as pools, for over 30 years – Hot Tubs for Home would probably have been the responsibility of Howard Gosling and John Lee, with a bit of input from a dozen or so PWTAG elders. These days, PWTAG is a broader church and very much more inclusive.

Howard and John and Susanne Surman-Lee were very much involved in writing this new book. Then there’s the 21-strong council, maintaining the long tradition of representing statutory, professional and voluntary bodies. Importantly though, we now have an industry forum: that’s another 20 individuals drawn from companies who manufacture and distribute equipment vital to the successful operation of pools and spas. There’s also a small forum representing trainers.
PWTAG has always based its independence on the balance that comes from embracing a wide range of views and expertise; now we have even more people to keep us honest.

PWTAG hope hot tub suppliers might give a copy of Hot Tubs For Home with every spa sale.

Two objectives inform this book, which are important to every home with a hot tub. One is that owners need to take them seriously. They’re fun of course, but badly installed, maintained or operated they can be a vector for illness.
So, the second objective is to explain clearly how to look after them. So Hot Tubs for Home has comprehensive but down-to-earth guidance on water supply and replacement; filters, jets and other features; cleaning and disinfection; and of course monitoring water quality –¬ from test strips to comparators. There’s also a summary of the legal requirements relevant to the hot tub trade.

£10 via Or it can be downloaded there for £5. But the trade can buy a box of 50 for £100. At that price, PWTAG hope hot tub suppliers might give one away with every spa sale.

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