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Aesthetic appeal is a key part of the Splash-Tec design brief for a super yacht spa.
Aesthetic appeal is a key part of the Splash-Tec design brief for a super yacht spa.

For over a decade, Splash-Tec Ltd has been integrating bespoke hydromassage systems into luxury super yachts and maintains a close working relationship with one of the South West’s most prominent manufacturers – Princess Yachts International.
One of their recent projects was to develop and build a Flybridge Spa bath for Princess Yachts International’s latest model.
The requirement was for a new sun-deck spa with a full width waterfall blade feature, including light injection that would work reliably in all climates. Aside from all the aesthetics, the spa needed to integrate seamlessly into the systems of the yacht and meet all the relevant M.C.A guidelines.

Additionally, a quick fill and empty procedure was essential as the water would not be stored on deck, which would affect the stability of the yacht.
“The Princess Yachts designers came up with their vision of a sleek sun deck spa with full length waterfall feature, LED lighting, teak and stainless steel trims and we were then tasked with turning this vision into reality,” explains Rosie Cook, Director at Splash-Tec.
“The design team wanted an elegant and sophisticated spa that would appeal to their affluent customers but this time they wanted an additional wow factor.”
Splash-Tec successfully created a spa that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The spa can be filled with hot or cold water in around 20 minutes and can be completely emptied in around three minutes.

It was fitted with luxury hydro-massage jets and an air spa system and climate change control sensors, various safety devices and massage settings were also included.
“We developed our own stunning two metre waterfall system with LED light injection, this means the light bends with the blade of water creating a precise and dazzling effect,” explains Rosie.
“We even made sure the water flow remains evenly distributed across the entire length of the waterfall regardless of the how boat is moving in the water. The end result was truly impressive and the finished spa is certainly a worthy addition to the world class yachts.”

Based in Cornwall, Splash-Tec is a family-run business specialising in the design and build of luxury spa systems. The company’s experience in and links to the marine industry has propelled them to the forefront of hydromassage spas for luxury yacht applications.
Rosie adds: “Our working relationship with Princess Yachts International goes from strength to strength, we are now developing the next two new spas for them with even bigger and curved waterfalls, which is testament to our success and ability to meet the clients’ expectations.”
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