Inside Track On Social Media For Vita Dealers

Jim McClure of Maax Corporation and Richard Hart of Aqua Warehouse presented the Outstanding Achievement Awards at the annual Vita Spa dealer event recently.

Vita Spa dealers from across the country gathered at the Aqua Warehouse Group HQ in Chelmsford for an enjoyable two-day seminar recently.

On the agenda was a run-down of the 2015 products, plus a company marketing review and pricing updates. However, the highlight for most dealers was an in-depth presentation by a media guru and ex BBC presenter, giving the inside track on Facebook.

The fun-filled four hour session covered all aspects of social media, with particular emphasis on how to maximise the potential of massive media machines for your business.

“We all thought we knew a fair amount about how to utilise Facebook but how wrong we were,” said managing director Richard Hart.

Chris Brady of 1Stop Spas and Garry Leach of Somerset Hot Tubs were the recipients of the Outstanding Achievement Awards, which were presented by Jim McClure of Maax Corporation and Richard Hart.

Speaking of the dealer seminar, Graham Message of Aqua Warehouse added: “One of the things I always find very refreshing with Vita Spa is that we all have a democratic vote on the important issues such as marketing and pricing. It isn’t Aqua Warehouse Group dictating what’s going to happen – it is the dealers themselves.”

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