Internet Shops Network To Boost Sales

Screenshot_2018-12-03 White-Label-Homepage V2UK spa and hot tub retailers could be missing out on millions of add-on accessory sales because they do not have an on-line shop offering easy and convenient after sales to their customer base. Aqua Spa Supplies, the accessory division to the Aqua Warehouse Group, is launching a new initiative aimed at helping smaller retailers create an on-line presence for minimum outlay and maximum rewards. Details of the collaborative Internet selling project were unveiled in time for this year’s SPATEX exhibition and received a wave of support. “On-line sales are on the up,” explains Richard Hart, Aqua Warehouse Group’s Managing Director. “Everybody is buying on line, not just because it is cheaper, because it is easier and more convenient,” says Rich who believes many companies do not understand the potential of Internet accessory selling. “For the sake of argument, if you think of the average hot tub retailer selling 50 units per year at an average sale of £5k per unit, they are looking at £250k in front line sales” . “If you then consider that the average customer will spend £360 extra per year in add-on products, based on a six year cycle of your client base, there is another £250k just sitting there in potential after sales, that many companies are still not tapping in to,” Rich explains. He emphasises: “The UK market has much to learn from giant sellers like MacDonalds, who upsell their burger customers with questions like ‘Do you want to make that a meal?’ “We are working on the same principle with chemicals, filters, covers and a host of other accessory sales but taking away all the added hassle, not to mention the overhead of extra personnel and shipping costs.”

Internet Shops Network To Boost Sales 1For an up-front fee of £250, Aqua Spa Supplies are developing a network of website sales windows all run and managed by the Aqua Warehouse team but bespoke to each of the companies in the network. All communication with the customer, from order, to invoice, to despatch, is designed to look as though it is sourced from the original customers. Already offering a huge shop window, Aqua Spa Supplies will also look to add product to suit individual retailers and their customers buying habits. They will use their buying power to offer best prices and promotional opportunities. Richard again: “All websites are backed by our team, on the retailers behalf, as they stock and maintain and fulfil orders via the each website while the individual retailers sit back and receive their percentage of the profit every month – well not quite. “Obviously those who promote the scheme the hardest, using e-shots and flyers and other promotional tools, which we will also provide for them, are set to make the best returns.”

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