Inventive Spirit Takes Plug And Play Spa To New Dimension

Ian Bowden relaxes in his plug and play adapted spa.

Taking the notion of plug and play spa to a whole new dimension, self-styled spa enthusiast and all-round clever guy, Ian Bowden has come up with a new style of mobile hot tub. An enterprising ‘Brit’ living mostly in Sweden and also in Spain, Ian began to explore the possibility of a portable spa pool that could run on low current outlets or even a small generator. “I was thinking of a maximum 9 amps (2KW) so it was easily powered from a standard outlet like you would find in a home or on a camping site or even an exhibition field or show ground. Yes it is actually more efficient too,” says Ian who carried out an extensive search for a model to adapt ruling out inflatable and wooden designs.


“The model I chose is American and I chose this because the dimensions were about right to tow behind a small car or push through a gate without tilting it up. It is a very high specification spa pool with all the trappings, the next model up has a TV,” Ian explains. In fact the 6,000 euros spa also offers LED lighting, music, bubbles, ozonator and 24 adjustable jets from two pumps. “The technology is straight forward and I use heating equipment used in high end mobile homes or RV’s,” Ian explains. “I have adapted the pools control system to demand heat from the gas water heater seamlessly so that the user sees no difference in the operation from a standard spa pool. I can use this solution an any spa pool. “I basically gave the pool a colostomy and provided an alternative heat source integrated into the fabric of the standard spa pool. Although not registered as a business, Ian would like to explore potential partners for his mobile spa idea. “There are many people in Spain that have holiday homes and avoid the spa pools and swimming pools because of the maintenance required. “So if these people could have one delivered, setup and collected then why not add a new experience to their holiday. “In Sweden the motive is similar as many Swedes move from the cities to their cottages by the lakes and in the mountains. “I see great potential for this spa being hired out as well as sold.”

Ian Bowden
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