Jacuzzi’s Trip Down Memory Lane

Jacuzzi focused on the past and the future at the recent Goodwood Revival festival in West Sussex.
Jacuzzi focused on the past and the future at the recent Goodwood Revival festival in West Sussex.

Offering visitors a glimpse of a bygone era, hot tub brand Jacuzzi took a step back in time in September, displaying original Jacuzzi artefacts and memorabilia at the Goodwood Revival festival in West Sussex.

The team exhibited the original hydrotherapy pump that kick-started the hot tub industry, plus a collection of original Jacuzzi images on the Euphoria Lifestyle show stand. In true Goodwood tradition, the team wore vintage attire to complete the retrospective Jacuzzi experience.

The original hydrotherapy pump was invented by the Jacuzzi brothers in 1956 to help a family member’s health condition, and initially became a small niche business selling the portable pump to hospitals and schools.

By 1968, Roy Jacuzzi, a third generation family member, sensed the growing American consumer interest in health, fitness and leisure and invented and marketed the first self-contained, fully integrated whirlpool bath. Incorporating body jets into the sides of the tub, it became the bath that almost single-handedly created an industry. As larger units were designed to accommodate more people, Jacuzzi incorporated heating and filtration systems to keep the water warm and clean, leading to the creation of the first hot tub in 1970. Unlike the whirlpool baths, hot tubs could be used outdoors with this new heating system for the very first time.

Mike Robinson, managing director at Euphoria Lifestyle, said: “Jacuzzi is a household name and a brand that truly defined a new product, spawning a market in itself.

“Although there are now many replicas available, the original Jacuzzi hydrotherapy pump and its associated products are the genuine article when it comes to wellness and we are proud to showcase some of these exciting images and revisit the era where this legacy began.”