IMOGEN CLARK, COMMONWEALTH Games silver medallist at Birmingham 2022, is championing the Helios range of swim spa.

Swim spa sales rising again…Swim spas enjoyed a huge rise in demand during the pandemic as gyms and local pools closed and consumers turned to home workouts. While demand slowed down post-pandemic, the market is now experiencing renewed interest in swim spas with demand starting to increase.

During the pandemic, the shipping rates for swim spas were through the roof. Now they have reduced and gone back to more sensible rates, swim spa retailers are more willing to ship swim spas. The reduction in shipping costs have been passed onto the customer and therefore swim spa prices have fallen – this has generated more demand.

As well as the price decreasing, demand is being driven by hydrotherapy purposes – with consumers more focused on their health and wellbeing and willing to invest more time and money into this. At Superior Wellness, they have found that the dual swim spa models are more popular – where you have a hot tub in one section and the swim spa in another with a different temperature set.

Families, who also want a hot tub, tend to go for this option with adults wanting to use the swim spa side for fitness and children in the warmer hot tub section. On the contrary, those who are purchasing a swim spa for training/sports purposes tend to buy the single use swim spa.

Superior Wellness currently offer swim spas from four different brands including their flagship brand Platinum Spas, Thermals Spas, Online range and their white label range OEM. Their most popular models are the Helios (Platinum Spas) and the Ares (Online range). Jamie Smith, General Sales Manager at Superior Wellness comments: “The key to success for dealers securing swim spa sales are down to three things.

Firstly, what is the access to the property like, can we deliver a swim spa to them and will it fit in their garden? “Do you have the swim spa in stock already, and if not, what is the lead time for it? Most people expect a longer lead time and are also need time to getting their garden ready. And finally, the price point for the specification they want. Customers will have a budget and specification in mind and we need to make sure we offer them the right product to suit their needs.”

PLATINUM SPAS OPTS for the Spa Touch 2 control board with a colour screen and directional keypads.

Jamie added: “We offer a full service to our partner network if they wish. The dealer can sell the swim spa and we can then do the delivery, the installation and provide the after sales support. This can then reduce the overheads for the dealer and we can do this for a competitive rate. “We are also seeing a demand with swim spa servicing as summer is here and people are getting them serviced before using them.

A yearly service is required, we also recommend a monthly clean of filters and therefore swim spa filter and chemicals are popular.” The swim spa market has come a long way in the past two to three years from what was a relatively niche product, they’re now becoming a significant part of our regular trade, report leading UK supplier, Sunbeach Spas.

Prices have come down, quality and features have increased, and, available space notwithstanding, they’re coming within reach of more people as they look for solutions for both keeping fit and relaxing with family and friends.

“We’re seeing a wide range of buyers from the casual swimmer to national level athletes, but also people who are advancing in years but need low impact exercise to keep fit and healthy and don’t want the hassle of going to a local pool or health club,” shares Wayne Green of Sunbeach Spas.

“As you might expect from Sunbeach Spas, we have sought out not only the highest quality swim spas, but also have sought to include energy saving features where possible. This is why the majority of the swim spas offered by Sunbeach Spas are from Oasis Spas – not only do they all come with our R18 full foam insulation system and are heat pump ready, but we’re able to offer inverter technology across most of the range.

“We’re also able to offer our own range of iNHEAT air source heat pumps, with up to 21kW power output and max. COP scores over 13, to help keep running costs under control,” adds Wayne. Inverter technology lowers pump running costs by efficiently adjusting the motor speed. Unlike traditional pumps that operate at a fixed speed, inverter-driven pumps match the demand by varying the motor speed.

PLATINUM SPAS AMBASSADOR, Imogen Clark was diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy aged 14, having her first seizure whilst in the pool.

This eliminates energy wastage, resulting in significant cost savings. Moreover, by reducing wear and tear, inverter technology extends the pump’s lifespan, minimising maintenance expenses. Our inverter technology also provides a smoother swimming experience with reduced white water even at full speed, and 10 speed variants accommodate for a wide range of swimming styles and ability levels.

Each of the revolutionary 3” Turbo Swim jets is powered by its own motor and is positioned perfectly to deliver an unparalleled swim experience. Each can utilise up to 2.2kW at full bore but run as low as 400W in ‘bubble model’, designed to give children a fun experience in the spa without the pressure of the swim stream on them. Sunbeach Spas currently offer more than 25 swim spa models, 16 of which utilise inverter technology for a superior swimming experience.

The range includes dedicated swim spas which just focus on the exercise, as well as those with built in hot tub seating/jets (either as part of the swim chamber or as a separate dedicated area) for winding down after a long work out, or just chilling out with family and friends. These come with all the features you’d expect from a modern hot tub, from top-of-the-range control systems, to premium transducer speakers, designed to transmit sound waves through the water in the spa, for a superior music experience to lift a party or a workout.

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