Meteoric Pool And Spa Career Climb

Kris German has made rapid progress at Devon-based Harris Pools & Leisure

Kris German joined Devon-based Harris Pools as a temporary summer
helper after completing a degree in Business Studies at University and
taking a year, travelling the southern hemisphere.
He could hardly have known, within just a few years, he would have
earned himself a stake as a shareholder of the pool and spa company.
Kris’ meteoric career climb and outstanding achievement has been rewarded as the recipient of this year’s “Kris’ enthusiasm and hard work ethic from day one has been a vital part of our continuing success,” comments Harris Pool’s managing director, Mike Harris.
“After 40 years in the pool industry, I am so pleased to find someone ready to ‘step up to the plate’ with the drive and initiative that is needed to move our business forward in these very different and challenging times,” adds Mike.

Kris, 32, spent his first season with the company, carrying out all manner of possible tasks, including yard sweeping, shelf-filling,
delivering customer orders and generally assisting engineers on site.
Says Mike: “Kris was keen to progress, listening to, and learning from the engineers. We were soon confident in his abilities to send Kris to maintain pools and hot tubs on his own.
“He was due to leave but we were pleased to persuade him that his
future lay with us. He changed his forthcoming career plans to join
the company on a permanent basis.”

Permanent Post 

Kris started on his permanent post in a minor administrative role but continued to progress as he showed enthusiasm and ability that led to him doing far more than he was being asked or paid to do. At the beginning of 2009, Kris was officially promoted to a management
position and quickly took over a great deal of the day-to-day running of the company.
He is now responsible for organising and managing the engineers, quotations, invoicing, as well as being first-in-line in both the shop and on the telephone and he is exclusively responsible for hot tub sales. Mike explains: “Kris has personally developed during his time with us and has built up his own great relationships with both customers and suppliers, helping us to achieve continuing success. “On the commercial front, Kris was tasked with establishing and building our separate pool cover internet sales business, and subsequently has taken sole responsibility for the creation and management of our own Harris Pools website and e-commerce shop. He has personally dealt with our website designers and advertising specialists, ultimately Mike says: “In 2011, Kris was rewarded for his work to date by becoming a shareholder of Harris Pools & Leisure Ltd, as confirmation of his future here and in the industry.”

Since 2009, Kris has been involved directly with management consultant, and has been responsible for creating budgets, monthly
accounts and all other aspects of financial management. “During his time as a pool engineer Kris was frustrated by a difficult
maintenance procedure, to which there was no available solution,” says Mike.
Far East

“He spent a great deal of time thinking and designing a product that would make the pool owner’s life simpler. Over a couple of years, several prototypes, a self-funded trip to China he created the Vacvice, a product that is now about to be marketed  throughout Europe by one of the major pool equipment distributors. “Kris has been responsible for several high profile marketing initiatives involving the local press and others in conjunction with our local Sainsbury’s store. Kris has done several charity fund-raising events, including a three-legged half-marathon, and is currently involved with Tubs for Torquay that helps create funds for a local terminal illness charity.
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