Location Is Key For Barnsley Hot Tubs

LocationIsKeyTwo years into selling hot tubs, Sean Pickles of Barnsley Hot Tubs has decided to invest in location, location. He has moved out of his plusher showroom, on the same business estate, opting instead for a ‘rustic theme’ display room on the busy Carlton Road. “We had a smaller but posher unit around the corner that we have given up in favour of the location facing main road,” explains Sean. “In fact it is part of an old colliery and we want to keep the rustic theme despite the makeover. ”Sean first dipped a toe into the hot tub market four years ago; hiring for two years. He progressed to direct sales in 2016, dabbling with a couple of other brands before settling on Marquis as his major supplier for both hot tubs and swim spas. “We are much happier with the margins offered by Marquis, who are able to cut out the middle man,” Sean reveals. He is also importing his own brand of CE marked Chinese spas and is displaying a Tylo sauna available through Golden Coast. Barnsley Hot Tubs boasts more than 15,000 followers on Facebook, mostly thanks to a promotion, combined with local community radio, with an Intex spa as a first prize.