Luxury Bespoke Spa Finishes Add Up

LuxuryBespokeSpaMosaic finishes have long been considered to offer luxury appeal and are ideal for the premium end of the market. The added value is they are also ideal, where building time is best kept to a minimum, as they are factory-built and plumbed, needing just positioning and commissioning. Aegean supply custom mosaic hot tubs and swim spas and hydrotherapy pools to trade customers including property developers and architects. “We offer skimmer style or overflow spas and all projects are unique and limited only by the customers’ imagination,” explains Aegean’s Chris Perry. “This method reduces on-site time, labour, mess and therefore can be a cost-effective option over concrete builds,” he adds. “Whilst in-ground installations rarely get moved, the units can be relocated in future if required. “Access to pipework and the back of the spa is better and thus future maintenance is easier if required. ”Fully wet-tested prior to packaging and shipment, standard warranty is five years on structure and two years on equipment. Every spa is built to order and overseen by an experienced spa project manager throughout the production process. Once signed off, lead time is six to eight weeks depending on the complexity and size of the project.