A heavenly installation by the leading H20 Cannings spa team…

devon Like everything in this H20 Cannings client’s life, he required the very best hot tub money can buy. The brief was simple and direct; show me the finest spa you can offer. The H20 Cannings team presented him with the ultimate spa range they could provide. With the Platinum Elite range, they felt they could offer him the pinnacle of hot tubs within the industry. It was a nice clear day and an easy install for the H20 Cannings engineer who had lots of open space at the site which enabled him to manoeuvre the tub along the grass and bank using a sledge. He then had to use boards to move across the luxurious specialist tiles which the client had laid with a raised base for the tub to take pride of place.

This position ensured it captured the glorious surrounding countryside views of Devon. With silent pump technology, it is so quiet you won’t believe it is working as hard as it does. The downside was the slow water pressure when filling the tub which took around four hours but as the sun was shining and given the beautiful setting this was no hardship H20 Cannings pre-empted the customer’s expectations and exceeded them by listening not just hearing his desire for the top of the range products to fit his lifestyle. This together with him, and top quality product was a match made in heaven…except, they say, substitute heaven for Devon.

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