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Blue Cube Pools found the perfect fit with this Garden Leisure spa..

A Blue Cube Pools customer wanted an above ground hot tub installation to sit alongside their new in-ground pool. On their wish list a hot tub that would be easy to use, simple to maintain and one that would provide them with the ultimate hydrotherapy and relaxation to help maximise their new relaxed lifestyle after retirement. They wanted the hot tub to be big enough to enjoy with their family but not one that would dominate their garden.

The customer let the Bedfordshire based Blue Cube team take the strain when it came to match making; happy for them help choose their hot tub after discussing their needs and requirements. Blue Cube Pools recommended the GL753B Garden Leisure hot tub that was just below their budget yet offered everything they required and worked well in their garden. They were extremely happy with the choice and have enjoyed the health benefits their hot tub has provided.

It is the perfect size and style and works well with their newly landscaped garden. Says Andrew Jones of Blue Cube Pools: “This above ground hot tub installation has been carefully designed to create a relaxing and versatile space alongside the new pool installation and landscaped garden, the position of the hot tub was carefully considered in order to provide two separate spaces for fun and socialising, one being the hot tub and the other being the pool. “The hot tub was also placed closer to the house so their journey between the two would be short and therefore make their hot tub experience more enjoyable during the winter.”

Match Makers

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