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THERE ARE ALREADY AN ESTIMATED 750,000 inflatable Lay-Z-Spa in the UK.

Make space for an inflatable spa on your showroom floor….

With over 750,000 owners in the UK, and apparently insatiable demand, Lay-Z- Spa offers the luxury of home hot- tubbing at an affordable price for a huge proportion of the population. An inflatable hot tub is an affordable commodity to relax and indulge time and time again, without having to pay the price and complication of going to an acrylic spa. Easy and convenient to set up, the Lay-Z-Spa is supplied in a compact box, plugging into a normal UK socket, the spa can be inflated in about 10 minutes and ready to enjoy as soon as the water is heated a chemical treatment has been used. Over 50% of Lay-Z-Spas are sold in stores and there is huge demand from people who want to see them in a shop before purchasing but also buy them for immediate use. “Lay-Z-Spa are seeing increasing interest from hot tub specialists and there are good opportunities particularly in the higher price point Hydrojet Pro models,” says Tom Drakett Brand Marketing Manager for Wilton Bradley, the importers of the Lay-Z- Spa range.

LAY-Z-SPA’S most sought-after product, the Maldives HydroJet Pro™ includes both the Airjet and HydroJet massage systems, colour-changing LED and inflatable seating and backrests.
LAY-Z-SPA’S most sought-after product, the Maldives HydroJet Pro™ includes both the Airjet and HydroJet massage systems, colour-changing LED and inflatable seating and backrests.

Says Tom: “The key to selling them instore is to have them set up with their own display and kept well inflated with Point-of-Sale merchandise available from Lay-Z-Spa.” Lay-Z-Spa is currently changing customers’ perception that an inflatable hot tub is seasonal. Its entire 2021 range now includes a Freeze Shield™ function in the pump that automatically turns on when the temperature drops, to give a boost of warmth to the water. This means that the hot tub’s water and pump cannot ever freeze and means that users can safely use their inflatable hot tub all year long. Enough to rival solid hot tubs, Lay-Z- Spa hot tubs are available with three different massage systems. This ranges from the Airjet system that releases thousands of soothing bubbles to the HydroJet Pro which includes airjets and multi-directional hydrojets for a more hydrotherapeutic experience. Additionally, the Lay-Z-Spa pump itself is a very carefully designed part of the inflatable hot tub experience. Small, compact and external from the hot tub itself, it controls all the features from the rapid heating to the massage system and can easily be accessed from the hot tub itself.

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THE HELSINKI AIRJET™ is the first Lay-Z-Spa to include Freeze Shield™ offering Nordic-inspired wooden design and larger capacity.

There is a huge demand for Lay-Z- Spas and a huge potential for sales. It is one of the most searched hot tub brands in the UK and has the most 5-star reviews of any hot tub brand in the UK including fixed and inflatable. Tom emphasises: “Lay-Z-Spa was the third-highest searched brand on a popular website after Lego and Nintendo in April 2020 and there are more than double the number of searches online each month for Lay-Z- Spa compared to Jacuzzi.” Having Lay-Z-Spas in a showroom allows customers to physically see the quality and technology features. In turn, this allows them to make comparisons and decide which option suits their lifestyle and available space. Tom again: “Lay-Z-Spas are a perfect hot tub for hirers as they are extremely portable and the brand is recognisable “It is also quite common for people to use hiring as a ‘try before you buy’ exercise so there is often an opportunity for hirers to generate extra sales as well.” Lay-Z-Spa rivals, CleverSpa® claim to be the fastest growing inflatable hot tub brand in the UK. The company has seen huge sales during the national lockdowns with no sign of demand slowing down.

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THE MILAN AIRJET PLUS™ hasWifi compatibility with the Lay-Z-Spa app so users can control their pump using a smart device

Mainly bought by couples and families, for home, outdoor use, the inflatable spas adds a special ingredient for at-home relaxation and socialising. One of the plus factors of the inflatable spas is the ability to move them around. In fact, they can be placed anywhere in the garden providing there is an appropriate electricity supply. “The quality of the hot tub has also improved significantly over the last few years, and with the introduction of the high end, drop stitch variant, all supplied with a range of accessories to enhance the hot tub experience,” says National Sales Manager, Samantha Conway. Undoubtedly, the quality of inflatable hot tubs is improving all the time. For instance, Cleverspa® have developed the Cleverlink® App, allowing control of the hot tub from anywhere via a mobile phone. Energy efficiency has become increasingly important so Cleverspa® have developed the only thermal cover on the market which can save up to 50% cost reduction in electricity. These products are extremely popular and made to fit all sizes of its range. Samantha again: “I think showrooms could be more flexible in accommodating their customer’s needs; not everyone can afford a £5-6k acrylic spa. “For a lot of customers, inflatables are the stepping-stone leading up to an acrylic purchase further down the line,” she adds. All CleverSpa® products come with a 12-month warranty for the pump heater and a six-month warranty for the cover and liner. If the customer registers within 28 days, CleverSpa® will extend the warranty to 18 months for the pump heater and nine months for the cover and liner.

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