Nationwide Hot Tub Safety Warnings

SafetyThe British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association has warned of a growing trend for some companies supplying hot tubs to claim or imply that the goods they sell are manufactured in the UK or North America when in fact, they come from elsewhere in the world. This misleads customers into thinking they are buying a product made in one country when it is manufactured in another – and potentially not even in the same continent.

Buying from an online marketplace also raises concerns, and BISHTA warns consumers that the products may not be guaranteed to come from a reputable source. When purchasing products described as ‘used’ from online market places, how can you be satisfied that the hot tub is safe and that vital equipment and user information is included for safe usage?

BISHTA’s core aim is to promote safe hot tub standards and advises consumers that with a high-ticket item, such as a hot tub, it is important to know what’s behind the casing. Unfortunately, there are hot tubs on the market that look the real-deal on the outside, but inside the casing, the hot tub is of a lower quality and in extreme situations, they could potentially be dangerous. Repairing problems may not always be straightforward if parts are hard to source and expensive to replace.

But the most concerning issue is that these cheaply manufactured products have the potential to cause harm through entrapment, electrocution and fire. A terrible thought, when in most cases, when purchased from a reputable retailer a hot tub is a great addition to a household and can bring the whole family fun, relaxation and health benefits.

BISHTA believes that customers should always be able to make an informed choice about the products they purchase and does not endorse or support any companies who seek to mislead customers regarding the products they sell. Chris Hayes, BISHTA’s Managing Director comments: “BISHTA expects its members not only to provide products that meet industry standards but also to abide by its Code of Ethics. “Our advice to consumers is to always seek further information in writing from the company supplying the hot tubs regarding the exact country of manufacture as well as information on safe installation, set-up, future care and maintenance.”