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REMOTE CONTROL MONITORING via a smart device is goodnews for dealers and hottub owners. Pic. Aqua Warehouse

Smart Technology offers remote monitoring…

In a clear case of what is good for the goose, is good for the gander, the Aqua Warehouse Group has launched a new water testing APP into the hot tub sector, marketed as YourSpa. Developed for their own showroom originally, the purpose-designed APP clearly has huge benefits for hot tub retailers, holiday park venues and all commercially-located hot tubs and spas, regardless of brand. YourSpa records water testing of multiple spas, listed by model and serial numbers and location on the APP which not only stores that information in the cloud – it sends a weekly email showing all relevant results by model. “All hot tub showrooms tend to have hot tubs that are wet and because they are wet they need to be tested at least once a day, ideally two or three times a day,” explains Richard Hart of Aqua Warehouse, distributor of Vita Spas, the Covana lifting system and a host of other accessories.


“Traditional methods of recording those results is done with a clipboard, pen and a piece of paper that invariably ends the week looking like a dog’s dinner,” Richard continues. “I thought there has got to be a better way and developed an APP which I wanted just for our own showroom then realised the potential for the wider market.” Significant research and development has seen the product fully tried and tested first by the Aqua Warehouse team but then via a few selected dealers. The YourSpa APP is downloadable free of charge with a rolling annual charge starting from £60 for up to five wet tubs in showroom and from £150 year for multiple hot tub venues such as holiday parks that can differentiate by area and location on each site. Users simply add in readings including ph, sanitiser, alkalinity, and can add an action as well as points of note. Readings can be collated once a week via an email that can be printed off and filed or stored in a separate folder on the computer desktop. Richard says: “YourSpa is simple to use and because it is simple to use, staff who previously disliked the chore of dip testing, are now actively on board. “With YourSpa you can soon spot if there are any issues and act to plug those gaps. It is a no brainer it is a must for retailers and holiday parks,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Jacuzzi® has unveiled its SmartTub™ system — a smart way to control and monitor hot tub offering remote monitoring with an annual data storage subscription fee. From an App on a smart device, dealers can enjoy the next generation of spa ownership thanks to Jacuzzi® Brand technology. The SmartTub™ sends real-time alerts, diagnostics and energy usage reports from any location aiming to deliver simplified hot tub ownership ‘at your fingertips’. The SmartTub™ system is engineered to maximise relaxation and recovery, making it easier than ever to use and maintain a Jacuzzi® hot tub. It offers an automated marketing platform to help serve customers better through increased post-sale customer interaction offering the potential for aftersales opportunities. Remote control of key settings are available for both owner and store personnel to maximise hot tub efficiency and energy usage. The cellular technology means the monitoring never stops – even when the power is cut, with real-time notifications sent to both dealer and customers when service or routine maintenance is required on their hot tubs. The significant benefits of remote monitoring and the clever use of smart technology is sure to trigger a stream of copycat versions which is good news for the retailer in meeting health and safety demands, as well as for the convenience and increasingly safe hot tub use for the consumer.

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