No Longer Trading

Hot tub retailer Danz Spas has announced it is no longer trading.
Hot tub retailer Danz Spas has announced it is no longer trading.

After ten years in business, Danz Spas has announced that it has ceased trading. The Nottingham-based company took the decision, having undergone a restructure at the end of last year.

A statement on the Danz Spas website reads: “Towards the end of last year we had a number of difficulties and realised things were not going as well as we had hoped. We decided to restructure our business; we let go 60% of our workforce, and brought on board an investor. We thought we were on the right track. “
“Recently, things have a taken a turn for the worst and unfortunately, our business is no longer sustainable. Legally, we must now cease trading and are in the process of appointing a liquidator.”
Until a liquidator has been appointed there will be limited support available for those that have unfulfilled orders or require after sales support.
The statement continues: “It is our intention to launch a nonfor-profit website to provide a limited degree of support to older customers. We intend to include details on the parts your hot tub uses, where these parts can be purchased, common issues, and limited email support. It will take us two to four weeks to launch this website. We will do what we can to help.”