O-Care Repeat Direct Debit Business Soars

Ocare repeat debitRetailers and hot tub owners alike are reaping the potentially rich rewards of the O-Care Weekly Spa Care package. Sold as a complementary product to standard sanitisers, by an increasing number of hot tub retailers on a direct debit basis, regular supplies are re-triggered on automatic dispatch via direct debit.

The hot tub conditioner is fully supported by a water maintenance problem solving APP available on the App Store or Google play for smartphones or tablets and easy-to-follow website. Now throughout the world, retailers in the UK have reported outstanding results.

“We are selling huge quantities of O-Care,” reveals multi award-winning retailer Chris Brady of 1 Stop Spas in Lincolnshire. “It is a brilliant product and I cannot endorse it highly enough. 1 Stop send out about 200 repeat orders on direct debit every month. They send it out free of charge to the hot tub owner, through normal post services.  “O-Care acts as a conditioner,” explains Chris.

“You still have to do basics but putting conditioner in to soften the water means the customer actually uses a lot less chemical.

“It is a core product for us guaranteeing repeat business every time. O-Care solves problems for everyone – but especially the busy retailer,” comments Roel Fassbender of O-Care who believes many more UK retailers could add to their revenue stream through the O-Care system while at the same time enhancing their customers’ hot tub experience.

“O-Care is about adding value,” Roel emphasises. “It is not just selling a product…it is about enhancing the hot tub experience for customer and retailer alike.”