OLYMPIC AND WORLD CHAMPION BREASTSTROKER, Adam Peaty heads an elite list of Olympic hopefuls who can now train at home. Pic. Zac Goodwin
OLYMPIC AND WORLD CHAMPION BREASTSTROKER, Adam Peaty heads an elite list of Olympic hopefuls who can now train at home. Pic. Zac Goodwin

Jacuzzi® Brands UK has collaborated with Bedfordshire Hot Tubs to provide swim spas and enable elite British swimmers to continue to train at home, during the coronavirus lockdown, with their main focus, the postponed Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. GB Swimmers Adam Peaty MBE, James Guy, Ben Proud, Luke Greenbank, Tom Dean, Anna Hopkins, Sarah Vasey and Jack Burnell have all been provided with swim spas for their home gardens.

Jim Rumley, owner of Bedfordshire Hot Tubs has led the initiative: “None of the GB team have a pool at home, unlike the other top swimming countries, as we tend to have houses with small gardens. Without access to a pool they would be at a disadvantage.” Jim has connections with the elite swimming squad which set him thinking. “As I was closing my store, I thought, why don’t I take a swim spa out of my showroom! I can crane it into a garden so that at least one swimmer could keep training towards Tokyo,” says Jim. “The lockdown would be for a number of months and this way someone would be able to swim safely.”

Olympic Hopefuls_2To meet all demand, Team GB would need Jacuzzi® swim spas for each home for up to six months, so the number quickly grew from the two Bedfordshire Hot Tubs had, to eight for all the main medal hopefuls. Jim says: “I explained the situation to Andy Bewicke at Jacuzzi® and straight away Jacuzzi® Brands wonderfully agreed to divert a significant quantity of UK stock at that time to help out, giving the team a further six new swim spas on loan. “A couple of days of intense planning and many calls to friends for help; we craned, positioned and installed eight swim spas into eight back gardens from Plymouth to Chester in five days.”

Adam Peaty MBE told The Times: “It makes a big difference to be in the water, I can practice my technique just as I can in a big pool and I work on buoyancy and getting high out of the water. It’s a great utility to be able to have use of in these strange times.”

Andy Bewicke, Business Development Director for Jacuzzi® Brands in the UK commented: “We are huge supporters of what these people achieve for the nation and the opportunity to help and become a small part of the journey was incredible. “In addition we see it as a valuable opportunity to showcase the training and wellness benefits that our products can create which in turn can help drive performance.” Jim summed up the group achievement: “On a personal note, it just feels good when you see them getting back in the water and doing what they do best. “Looking back, it’s weird that it was just a week from when the idea started to the swim spas being delivered. “The current climate is incredibly hard, it’s so important that we stay safe,” added Jim. “All we did was allow eight swimmers to work from home.”

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