One for AllA family from Cornwall are enjoying the multiple benefits of Hydropool AquaTrainer 19 DTfX swim spa which has taken pride of place in their garden. The team from Hydropool Devon undertook the installation in Redruth, after meeting the clients at a county show. Michael Harrison Hastings, Sales Operations Manager at Hydropool Devon takes up the story: “We met the clients Claire and David at the Royal Cornwall Show and they fell in love with the dual temperature swim spa.

Their children are keen swimmers and surfers and they love a hot tub so being able to have it all in one was the perfect choice for them.” He continues: “They had two areas within their garden that were under consideration for the swim spa, so I met them at their house to undertake a site survey. Upon seeing the two areas, I proposed a third area for the spa which was closer to the house and I felt that were get more year-round use of the spa in a slightly more secluded area of the garden.”

The couple decided on a Hydropool AquaTrainer 19 DTfX swim spa, which has triple functionality as a hot tub, aqua gym and a swimming pool all in one. The spa has dual temperature settings and is equipped with wide stream swim jets, recessed jetting, LED lighting and safety steps. It is a hot tub, gym, swimming pool all in one. “The biggest challenge we faced was the dig out as there were various cables and drainage systems running underneath the area that had to be diverted before the spa could be installed,” comments Michael. “However, the project was completed on time and the clients are very happy with the end result. I think this project clearly demonstrates how an area of dead space can be transformed into an idyllic garden retreat for all the family to enjoy.”