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WAYNE GREEN has developed a strong range of Sunbeach Spas that are priced to sell.

Tired of price wars with rival hot tub sellers? Well with Sunbeach Spas, you just make a selection of your preferred range of spas, choose your own names, and sidestep any Internet price wars. “We would like to hear from anyone who feels they have the capacity to add Sunbeach Spas, which can be own-labelled to cut our price wars,” explains Wayne Green, the inspiration behind the Sunbeach Spas brand of spas and accessories. “Here at Sunbeach Spas, we allow you to choose from our range of hot tubs. Name and brand them to your own company, and you strategically avoid Internet price wars,” “We carry over 100 spas readily available in the UK with containers continually arriving to help meet demand,” continues Wayne. “We support these products with eye-catching marketing material such as point of sale and banners,” he adds.

All Sunbeach Spas are backed by a tried and trusted track record offering Balboa components, LX Pumps, Aristech Acrylic and an unrivalled testing process. Energy efficiency was a strong motivator in the research and design of the range. Wayne says: “With the R10 insulation you can see running costs to be as low as £15 per month against the same hot tub we tested without the R10 and the running cost was £47 per month giving a saving of up to 70%.“These climate-control tests are backed with TUV showing results supporting the low running costs. The R10 insulation has been added to the four spas designed by us here in the UK which was quickly seen by other countries – these are now being sold in Denmark, Switzerland and Australia.”Retaining exclusivity in the UK, the Sunbeach team is also seeing increased interest from the hotel and holiday park sectors. To meet this and consumer demands, Sunbeach Spas are looking to add to their ever-growing dealership network with long term partnerships, selling their quality products.

MEASURING 2100 x 2100 x 800mm, the six seater Sunbeach SB355L is offered with 58 jets and a 3kw heater.
MEASURING 2100 x 2100 x 800mm, the
six seater Sunbeach SB355L is offered with 58 jets and a 3kw heater.

Wayne makes no apologies for the fact the spas are ‘Chinese’ made. “We have been working with the Chinese for some 12 years now,” Wayne explains. “The industry is now full of what I call ‘boxes of water’ getting cheaper and cheaper and not on what the hot tub is all about,” says Wayne. “This is where the energy efficiency comes into it. Alongside this we will be adding a new system to remove the chemical gases between the water and the cover- thus giving a longer life to the pillows, cover and controls including a little help to the environment, he adds. “With the Chinese, you can control the quality if you pay them fairly, they will build to your specification and work hard to ensure those standards are maintained. Wayne and, his business partner, Mark Duffy, has been personally involved with the creation and specification of the Sunbeach brand which is clearly seen on the other products available. Their cover lifters, steps, side table, handrails and other accessories also support the Sunbeach brand on all packaging.

In this collection is the round spa bar, designed and created by Wayne, and this a great seller and appeals to the smaller spa market. Says Wayne: “Sunbeach Spas are probably one of the most energy efficient products on the market today – and the Sunbeach team is confident you should be dashing to create 2020 showroom space for products that are priced to sell, sell, sell.” The Sunbeach team will be exhibiting at The Holiday Park Innovation Show at the NEC, stand H902 on November 6th and 7th and at SPATEX in February. They are happy to showcase the brand to you at those events or, be quicker off the mark and call today to find out more.

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