Pre-Loved Tubs

Second-hand and trade-in spas are stripped down and brought up to current standards.For those who are Internet-savvy, one of the key phrases, currently attracting the most search engine traffic on pool and spa searches, is ‘second hand spas’.
Whether they are described as pre-loved, refurbished or plain old second-hand spas; a whole new industry sector is developing in the area of pre-owned hot tubs and spas.
For those in hunt of a second hand bargain, there are many banana skins to avoid. For Internet purchasers, on E-bay in particular, it can be a case of ‘buyer beware’. ne of the prime sales drivers of used spa sales is a first generation of UK home hot tub owners, who are trading in their old models to upgrade to the latest higher tech models, complete with water features, blue tooth and improved filtration, none of which would have been available when they first took the home hot tub plunge.
Hungry for deals on affordable home tubs and flinching at prices in the showrooms, on-line bargain hunters are another driving force. A third buying trend includes those people who move into houses and unwittingly inherit a hot tub that they not only don’t want; they are frightened to use and are totally unaware of its market value.The skilled team at Hot Tub Assist can transform a tired looking spa into a delightful home home tubbing experience for would-be home spa owners.


Based in Essex but operating nationwide, Hot Tub Assist has seen an increase in the number of customers who are selling spas due to house moves or have acquired an unwanted spa with a new house purchase. “The hot tub market is still very unfamiliar territory to most people, so we are here to help them as it is a big investment,” says Dawne Cowan of Hot Tub Assist. “The hot tub industry is very much like car sales. It is always good to get a history of the spa and as much paperwork from the previous owner as possible,” Dawne advises. “Generally the more paperwork they have, including an owners’ manual, indicates the spa has had a good careful previous owner.“ Based in Portsmouth, Spencer Weightman, of Aqua Spa Services, has been dealing in second hand spas for nearly ten years as one element of his busy transport, service and maintenance hot tub support business.

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