Pre-Loved Tubs

Pre loved tubsAs autumn draws in and the evenings get a bit nippier, the idea of warming up in a hot tub becomes more and more appealing. As a result, customers are primed to take advantage of the best deals.

However, many potential customers might feel that a hot tub is out of their reach, given that even the simplest models boast price tags in the thousands. But as professionals in the hot tub industry know, that isn’t necessarily the case. There is a solution for customers concerned about price that also offers a good business opportunity for dealers: second hand hot tubs. When pre-loved tubs are sold back or traded in, suppliers can resell them at a reduced price.

This lower resale value is more appealing to customers with a smaller budget, which opens up hot tub sales to a whole new section of the market. “Second hand is vital for companies like mine,” says Richard Smith, a 15-year industry veteran and owner of The Tub Company in Suffolk. “Pre-loved is a way of providing a well-made spa to customers with a smaller budget, which in turn helps combat customers being disappointed by cheaply-made or otherwise low quality hot tubs that are sometimes found on the market.”

Pre loved tubs 2
Big brand names like HotSpring are, of course, a lot easier to shift than the less prestigious ones. Pic. Aquasun


Pre-loved tubs are a great fi t for customers with modest budgets but who are still concerned about buying a quality product. Poor quality risks putting customers off buying a hot tub altogether, while good, pre-owned models for a decent price can be a surprise and encourage them to commit to the purchase. With this in mind, it could be easier for dealers to sell refurbished second hand tubs than poor quality new ones.

“The average price for a good quality, second hand hot tub is between £2,000 and £6,000, which is appealing to customers,” explains Ken Storey, owner of the company Aquasun, which has been bubbling away for 27 years now. The prospect of getting a good quality second hand tub for the same price, if not less, than a brand new but inferior model is an offer many customers can’t refuse. And it’s not only selling the pre-owned tubs that’s good for business: receiving trade-ins can bring a sales boost of its own. Since buying a good quality hot tub is no cheap feat, customers may be reluctant to buy another after investing in their first.

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Rather than splashing out on a brand new one, they may choose to keep replacing parts that have deteriorated. But offering to accept customers’ old tubs for a reduced price on a new one is a great way to encourage upgrade sales. By employing the right strategy, dealers can increase their sales.

“We actively market to our customers who have hot tubs that are more than 10 years old,” explains Ken. “We tell them about new models and new features, then let them know that we will trade in their current model if they fancy an upgrade.” Building strong relationships with customers has its benefits.

By keeping hold of customer details, taking the time to stay in touch and offering them that all-important personal touch, it becomes easier to entice them into making more than just a one-off purchase. Customers feel like they’re getting a great deal when they trade in and get a brand new tub for a better price, and this may not be a one-time feat: multiple future upgrades are possible.

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