Reaching Remote Regions

The holiday hot tubs on the Knoydart Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands can only be reached by an 18 mile mountain hike or a seven mile boat trip.

Thought to be Britain’s remotest hot tubs, Inverie on the Knoydart Peninsula is home to four holiday home hot tubs which are all carefully maintained Hot Tub Solutions.

Nestled in the Northwest Scottish Highlands between Loch Nevis and Loch Hourn, the Knoydart Peninsula has a population of around 80 people and with no roads in or out the only access is by foot or by boat.

“The only access to the peninsula is via a small passenger ferry so it’s a case of grab what you can and hop on,” explains Matt Herbert, owner of Hot Tub Solutions.

Matt was first called out to the peninsula four years ago to repair one of two hot tubs at the time. Since then, he has been making the eleven hour round trip two or three times per year to carry out routine maintenance and servicing on the hot tubs.

Matt adds: “Repair companies with a comprehensive knowledge, skillset and specialised training across all aspects of hot tub maintenance are few and far between in Scotland, which means I am often called out all over the country.

“I work as a freelance engineer for a number of dealers and I frequently undertake training sessions with some of the leading manufacturers such as Balboa and Geko to keep up to speed with the latest products.”

Hot Tub Solutions installed and relocated over 100 hot tubs last year alone. Based in Lauder near the Scottish Borders, the company covers the whole of Scotland from the Orkney Islands to the Mull of Galloway.

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