Sales Of Swim Spas Set To Soar This Year

Swim spas are predicted to take the market by storm this year, along with high-end hot tubs. Pic: Vita Spa.
Swim spas are predicted to take the market by storm this year,along with high-end hot tubs. Pic: Vita Spa.

Hot tub retailers are predicting sales of swim spas to soar this year, following steady growth of the market in 2016. Sales of both hot tubs and swim spas were up last year, with some of the industry’s big players reporting a 20 to 25 per cent increase.

“There was a huge increase in the low to mid-market range sales last year, but even more notable was the definite increase in high-end sales,” commented Rob Carlin, Managing Director of Superior Spas, speaking as part of the Hot Tub Debate at the Hot Tub Living Expo. Chris Brady of 1 Stop Spas in Lincolnshire agreed: “Sales of swim spas in particular have been very strong and the top end sales have been good.

There is some uncertainty about how Brexit might affect us, but we haven’t had any dip in sales as a result of it yet.” Richard Hart of Aqua Warehouse revealed that many of his Vita Spa dealers had enjoyed a boom in swim spa sales in 2016, which he predicted would continue into 2017: “If you had asked me a few years ago if there was a market for swim spas I would have said no it’s all hype from the trade, but I was wrong.

We are now selling more and more swim spas. Every container that comes across has got a swim spa on it.” Richard added: “Dealers that have taken the plunge and put a swim spa on display are now reaping the rewards. The consumer budget is there to spend and we need to maximise the potential of that in 2017.”