Smartphone Technology To Control Home Hot Tubs

Artesian Spas have just launched the new SmartPhone technology in their top end line, the Platinum Elite.
Artesian Spas have just launched the new SmartPhone technology in their top end line, the Platinum Elite.

Home spa and hot tub owners can now control their hot tubs through their mobile phones thanks to new SmartPhone technology being introduced to top end spa models for 2012.

Artesian Spas have just launched the new SmartPhone technology in their top end line, the Platinum Elite.
Coast Spas too have taken the wraps off its new Spa App that controls multiple spa functions through iPhone, iTouch and iPad, initially on models with luxury packs.
For the first time hot tub aficionados take control of their Coast Spa from inside the comfort of their home with their iPhone, iPod or iPad. The spa owner simply downloads the free app from iTunes and it will automatically connect to their hot tub.
Once a mobile handheld device connects to a spa, the user will be able monitor real-time temperature changes of spa water as
it constantly updates. In addition you can re-set and modify that temperature, activate jets and toggle lights on and off.
With mobile phone control options available through Gecko and Balboa, the smart technology is expected to be extended to all
major brands by the end of next year.
“I think in today’s society, we are very reliant on technology, it’s almost unheard of for a person to be without a computer in their
home,” comments Vicky Stirland of Artesian Spas. “Almost everyone has a smart phone and communicates with
family and friends using technology on a daily basis. “It’s important for an innovative hot tub company like Artesian
to listen to the market and meet technological demands,” Vicki adds.
With early prototypes now rolling off the production lines, the new ‘smart’ technology will give spa sales a timely boost.
As Vicky says: “The aim of these new innovations is to make the spa experience as luxurious and relaxing as possible especially
for someone who is considering a top end spa.
“I don’t think there is a down side to this ‘smart’ technology, so long as the products improve the overall spa experience and have
gone through rigorous testing. “There would be nothing worse than having this technology that is meant to make the spa-use easier than to have it fail and become a stressful and frustrating experience,” Vicky stresses. “That is why Artesian spend years thoroughly testing their technology before launching it.” She adds: “Although it can be seen as a benefit to be the
first to launch something, we would rather make sure that the technology will be reliable for our customers when it is
introduced. A premium product should be built to a premium standard without exception.”
Not to be out done, Coast Spas is now adding the Spa App to complement its multi-functional Colossus Pack for topside control
in multiple languages.

Fingertip control of home spas is only a phone call away for owners of Coast Spas hot tubs.
Fingertip control of home spas is only a phone call away for owners of Coast Spas hot tubs.

“Coast Spas has always been considered the leader in innovation and design for the hot tub industry,” Sean Corscadden, Coast Spas’ Executive Sales Manager. “We were the first with fibre-optics, first with stereos, first with TV’s, first with two speed motors and the first and only with negative edge spas. “We take this part of the business very seriously and invest heavily in designing new and creative things to keep us and our dealers “different”.

Sean says in today’s day and age, people want ease of use; functional things that make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

“Technology offers that and I believe the Spa App and iPhone/ iPad technology will continue to develop and allow for these needs and wants,” he says. “When a spa company pushes the envelope and is a leader in this area and invests it makes them different than the competition. This is important because it allows retailers to offer and cater to people who want more. More value for their money.”
Sean adds: ”I am not a ‘techie’ person but I understand and see that most people are, especially the young people. “Information comes so fast and people need it more and more. I think with that it makes a hot tub that much more important.
“It gives people the opportunity to leave their 60 hour a week jobs behind and so get away in their own back yards and relax,
recharge and reconnect with each face to face.” Like, Artesian, Coast already offers Sony Bluetooth that can link your mobile phone to the Sony Bluetooth stereo and play all songs that you have on the phone through the deck.
It also allows you to accept calls; you hear the person speak through the speakers and there is a microphone that picks up
your voice and transmits to them. With several new developments to be unveiled in the New Year, the Sundance elite series of spas rated highest in energy-efficiency, contemporary design pushing the boundaries of style, quality, pristine water and innovation.
“Technology is continually advancing in all industries and so it is good to include those advances within our spas,” says Sundance
Spas UK’s Glen Squire. “After all it is where our customers spend most of their time relaxing and winding down at the end of their day.

There is, if the technology being used is not quite ready or has not been specifically designed for outdoor environments, or
the quality of the components being used are of inferior quality, producing failure problems for the customer which leads to ba press. Some technology being used within the spa industry is gimmicky leading to tacky looking spas or which can just create
more maintenance work for the customer.” But, Glen warns: “We all need to remember that a spa is about relaxing so anything that promotes this along with a massage and
soaking in hot water is a good thing. “But if the technology is not required, if it creates more maintenance or it is an afterthought to try and make the spa more
than what it actually is, don’t put it in.”