POOLEX HEAT PUMPS stand out from the crowd of spa options.

In the realm of spa indulgence, where relaxation meets innovation, Poolex’s Spawer heat pumps stand as a beacon of efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. The Spawer range, featuring the ground breaking IceSpa and O’Spa models, is set to redefine the way we enjoy warm, therapeutic water, offering spa enthusiasts an unparalleled experience in any climate.

The IceSpa, a true marvel in spa heating technology, is designed to conquer the most extreme climates with ease. Boasting a powerful 3.3 kW output at Air -10 / Water 38°C, it stands as the most potent heat pump on the market in low temperatures.

Thanks to its Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) compressor, the IceSpa operates efficiently even at -10°C, making it twice as cost-effective as traditional electric heaters. With the capability to function down to -25°C, this heat pump allows owners to revel in their spa amidst snow-covered peaks, offering a serene and tranquil experience.

The Spawer range, including the compact O’Spa model, embraces advanced heat transfer principles to deliver exceptional energy savings. With an average Coefficient of Performance (COP) exceeding 5, these heat pumps outperform traditional electric heaters, providing a 1:5 ratio of power consumed versus power output.

Spa owners can expect a substantial reduction in electricity consumption and associated costs, with estimated savings of over €400 per year compared to conventional electric heaters. Spawer’s commitment to user convenience is evident in the range’s reversible heat pumps, addressing both heating and cooling needs.

The Smartlife app offers remote control through a WiFi connection, allowing users to plan and customize their spa sessions from the comfort of their homes or even the office. The Spawer heat pumps adapt seamlessly to seasonal changes, heating up the spa in winter while significantly reducing energy consumption and cooling it down in the summer, eliminating the need to add cold water.

The Spawer O’Spa model introduces a “Chiller” function, effectively cooling the water and providing a refreshing bathing experience with a temperature drop of up to 3°C. This feature not only enhances the spa experience but also aligns with the growing recognition of ice bath therapy for harnessing the body’s natural recuperative powers.

By opting for a Spawer heat pump, spa owners can expect to save over €500 in electricity costs annually, as opposed to traditional electric heaters. The initial investment in a Spawer heat pump quickly pays for itself, offering long-term financial benefits while providing a sustainable and enjoyable spa experience.

Now available in the UK through 1 Stop Spas, Poolex’s Spawer heat pumps represent a leap forward in spa heating technology. With their exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and innovative features, they cater to the diverse needs of spa enthusiasts, making spa indulgence an environmentally conscious and cost-effective endeavour.


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