Spa Retailers Gather

Artesian Dealer
Dealers from across Europe attended the Artesian Spas UK two day event, held in Doncaster.

Artesian Spas UK recently welcomed dealers from across Europe at its annual retailer event.

Representatives from dealerships in the Netherlands, Sweden, France and Norway all attended the two-day event in Doncaster, which saw the unveiling of the recently upgraded Platinum Elite class and the newly remodelled TidalFit EP14 swim spa.

There was also specialist training on hot tub chemicals, plus expert advice and guidance on maximising the sales potential of accessories and luxury items.

Vicky Wrigglesworth of Artesian Spas UK commented: “It was an excellent session with many dealers getting a lot out of it. “We concluded the event with our dealer meal where everyone could enjoy themselves and either catch up or get to know each other.”

Vicky added: “We are all looking forward to a successful summer season ahead.”