Spa Stars : Gregg Titmuss

Gregg TitmussGregg is the industry’s original Spa Doctor and provides practical and technical support to both the trade and the end-user.

How did you get involved in the industry?

Originally I trained as an technical electrician and then onto an Intruder alarm and CCTV engineer for the first 15 years, being Operations Manager of my last post. Towards the end of this employment I started to provide electrical supplies for a newly started spa business close by and after a few small repairs on their tubs got the tub bug and after jumping in with both feet quit the post to start The Spa Doctor in 2005.

Your current role?

We provide a professional technical service to both private end users through to commercial establishments and to dealers around the country for who we also provide an all-round Tech support role.

Describe your typical working day?

An average day would be into the office first and last thing to deal with any emails/messages that come in overnight – we get many questions from our social network sites and aim to answer these as soon as possible. After this, it’s out on the road. We cover most of the UK and have fully stocked vans to cover most eventualities – we aim to get jobs done in one visit to not only limit a tub’s down time to also many problems can be detected and diagnosed over the phone before a visit is required.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Having always been on the road dealing with new people and problems. I love meeting new (and old) clients, hearing their stories and repairing their tubs so they can enjoy their little luxury corner of the garden. As most clients enjoy and like to unwind in their tubs, I make that possible from simple service visits, repairs, relocations, installations and sales.

Which project presented the biggest challenge in your job?

One project that sticks in mind was a 17’ cedar cabinet swimspa delivery we dealt with only last year. A team of 12 were involved with manhandling through tight alleyways, flipping it and lifting it over a wall into an extension of the house before it arrived at its final position without a scratch.

How do you see the market evolving?

We happily fill in the void between unhappy owners and their broken tubs, with the cheaper end market still providing many poorly made and spas sold without the seller/dealer backing. This is on top of the work we provide for our steadily increasing contract service clients and our work for many of the dealers in the UK.

Who are your life heroes?

The one person who on top of others gave me a huge foot-up was Lloyd Burden of Hydropool and Spaform when we met. Also Jonathan Bunn for whom we work providing both repair and installations services.

What about quality time outside of work?

Outside of work, it’s relaxing time and enjoy time in my own hot tub and spending time away on the Yorkshire coast with family. My step daughter is an Elite Platform and springboard Diver who trains 6 days a week and so we spend many hours watching her train and compete across Europe!

Anything else to add?

A proper tub and chemical handover should be a statutory service not just a “you have to pay extra if you want it service”. Too many times we have had to attend spas where the water can nearly burn you hand the pH has been that far out or the chlorine makes your eyes burn. Without this knowledge, the end users are putting their families in danger. Not something, I would want on my conscience.