Special Measures


This swim spa project was a special project for the Cheshire Wellness team.

The 7 x 3m spa is the largest in the company’s standard range of swim spas and was installed in the garden of a residential property in the English countryside.

Designed and manufactured in the Cheshire Wellness ISO 9001 factory, the swim spa features massage jets, swim jets and an automatic safety cover.

A swim spa of this size required careful consideration for shipping and positioning, as a spokesperson for Cheshire Wellness explains: “The production and installation of such a large swim spa is always a unique experience.

“The swim spa was placed outdoor in its own wellness area and featured an advanced automatic Aquatrac safety cover as well as an air source heat pump. We worked closely with Aquatrac to successfully reduce the freeboard of the spa by manufacturing bespoke parts.”

Cheshire Wellness completed the swim spa project within the allotted time and under budget. The whole process from conception to installation was completed within 10 weeks – allowing the client to take advantage of their new spa ahead of schedule.

The project was awarded a Silver standard in last year’s UK Pool & Spa Awards.

The spokesperson adds: “As a company established in 1965, we utilised our vastly professional work force to ensure this custommade swim spa adhered to our high standards. Manufactured in our ISO 9001 accredited factory, the swim spa was ahead of schedule throughout production and arrived on-site safely for installation.”

Cheshire Wellness
Tel. 0151 336 3417

Construction Method
Blockwork bund, concrete plinth, single piece GRP & tiled 7m swim spa.

Pump type and size
1 x 1/2 HP Euroswim filter pump and 3 x 2 HP Swimjet Boost Pump.

Filtration method
Sand filter located in dedicated plant area with filter pump.

Heating method
Air source heat pump located outside of plant area away from swim spa.

Water treatment method
Rainbow chemical feeder supplying chlorine.