SUNBEACH PAYS TRIBUTE to its UK dealers for a record year.

Sunbeach Spas is setting recordbreaking figures on a ‘whirlwind’ of sales this year. “To be fair, the sales drive has been dealer driven and I have to pay tribute to the way they have adapted to selling through Covid-19,” says Sunbeach’s Wayne Green. Investment in extended warehousing and stock as well as new vans and support staff, reaped huge rewards for the Sunbeach team upping daily installations from an average of three per day to five and six daily. “It has been like a whirlwind and we have worked very hard as have the dealers.

“Showroom visits have been carefully managed by appointment, with appropriate safety precautions, as stock simply disappeared before our eyes – they were even selling off display models as fast as we could replace them.” Wayne says accessories sales have also soared. “All suppliers were struggling to keep up as sales of chemicals and accessories were flying,” he said. Wayne paid tribute to the industry for the way it had responded to the huge wave of demand but advised: “Sunbeach and many of our competitors deserve praise for the way they have clearly shone throughout this challenging year,” said Wayne. “But we can expect some backlash from less professional and unscrupulous on-line sellers who tarnish the whole industry’s reputation,” he warned.

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