The Force Is With Marquis Spa Dealers

Dealers from the UK and across Europe, took the opportunity to see, feel and touching the new Vector21 spa for the first time.
Dealers from the UK and across Europe, took the opportunity to see, feel and touching the new Vector21 spa for the first time.

The Marquis Spas team proved The Force was with them as they chose a Star Wars theme to launch their futuristic-looking Vector21 hot tub to the European markets recently.

Dealers from the UK and across Europe gathered at the Heart Of England Conference Centre, in March, and heard latest developments in products and services. The event provided the ideal platform to see, feel and touch Marquis’ Vector 21 spa for the first time.

Sam Collins talked delegates through the new spas’ flagship features including a high intensity central foot massage: “Offering individuality, flexibility and a distinctly different massage experience; central to this spa is the very quiet, very smooth, interchangeable jet flow options,” he said.

The event saw the confirmation of a new dedicated parts service for Marquis dealers supported by the Spa Parts Vortex team that offers 2000 product lines to more than 600 customers across the UK and Europe.

“It felt good to be approached by Marquis from a recommendation from some existing customers,” Darren Waters of Spa Parts Vortex, told delegates. “We recognised a clear desire in Marquis to improve their parts supply,” he said. “In turn, we have invested in 300 additional parts and $73k worth of stock as our commitment to this new relationship with Marquis.”

With year-on-year increase on sales, Marquis retailers were reminded ‘The future’s so bright for Marquis’ as they were welcomed by John Schrenk for a two part event with first UK dealers and then European-wide dealers gathering to hear company updates. Steve Hasenmueller set the scene for ‘Doing Business with Marquis’ outlining the benefits of three pronged sales approach with The Celebrity series, the E Series and Signature Series of spas.

Steve highlighted the benefits of the skin-sensitive MicroSilk oxygenated skin treatment system before extolling the virtues of the Aquatic Training Vessel endorsed by celebrity Ironman champion David Scott. Jim Johnston talked through updates to the Marquis Spas website and the University of Marquis on-line training programme before the grand unveiling of the new Vector 21 line.

The company reinforced its commitment to the Make A Wish Foundation at an evening banquet and awards dinner, celebrating the delivery of more than 40 spas to well-deserving recipients under the charitable umbrella in 2015. The evening closed with a celebration of business success and the presentation of awards.