Hot Tubs Oxfordshire deliver the complete outdoor living experience…


A 17ft Kona Aqua Training Vessel and a Signature Epic hot tub, both out of the Marquis stable, combined to create the ultimate combination in this Hot Tub Oxfordshire project. The ATV Kona is a spacious, powerful, and versatile Swim Spa along with the Epic that is a hydrotherapy giant which specialises in deep-tissue massage with a variety of sensations for an all-in-one therapy experience.

Not only does it look stunning semi-sunken in composite decking, the perfect duo has transformed the customer living space into a garden retreat that combines exercise, relaxation, and a luxurious outdoor living experience. “It has given the family more than just a sensational show stopping garden to wow their family and friends, its provided vital life skills and an opportunity to teach the children in the family to swim when no other option was available during lockdown,” comments Hot Tub Oxfordshire’s Carla Massey.

“The customer is so happy with the final result. They have been using the swim spa and hot tub, pretty much every day, even throughout the winter. They were particularly delighted to have kept the kids occupied through lockdown with swimming lessons from their dad.”

The ATV-Kona has three pumps like the ATV-Sport models but offers higher performance with two dual-speed 360 GPM / 1,363 LPM pumps and one dual-speed 160 GPM / 606 LPM pump to create a flow rate of 1,000 GPM / 3,785 LPM. Size is – 519cm x 227cm x 155cm.


The 229 x 229 x 90 cm Epic features sculpted multilevel seating for six, including a full-body Adirondack Chair for powerful neck-to-feet therapy. The super-deep soak seat targets neck, shoulders, and spinal column. It boasts H.O.T. Zones – Lumbar, Shoulder and Foot. Both models have been semi-sunken into composite decking creating a seamless look with easy access into each model. The models sit on a concrete foundation with a build-in soak-away, surrounded by a concrete block retaining wall. Finished off with composite decking.

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