Three Is The Magic Number

The project by Hydropool Devon features three 19ft Hydropool self-cleaning swim spas.
The project by Hydropool Devon features three 19ft Hydropool self-cleaning swim spas.

Hydropool Devon has completed a ground-breaking multiple swim spa project at the Headland Hotel in Torquay. The only one of its kind in England, the new health and leisure suite at the three star hotel features three 19ft Hydropool swim spas in one room.

The Hydropool Devon team was involved with the project right from the beginning, as Director David Hayes explains: “We were the principal designers of the new leisure suite, as well as completing the installation. Our initial brief from the client was just the swim spa area, but this soon escalated to completing the entire suite which we were happy to do.

“A key consideration for this project was creating the ‘wow factor’. There aren’t any swim spas generally in the region and hotels usually favour swimming pools. As far as we know this is one of only a handful of hotels in the country to offer swim spa facilities – let alone three in a row!”

Hydropool Devon achieved the all-important ‘wow factor’ with a trio of 19ft Hydropool Self-Cleaning swim spas – two 19FX models and one 19DTFX. The 19DTFX dual temperature swim spa is equipped with 76 AquaFlow and HydroFlow jets, a cool swim area and a warm lounge area for up to five adults and one swimmer.

David continues: “The swim spas are located in what was the ballroom, previously used for conferences and events. Due to the size of the spas, the biggest challenge we faced was getting them into the building, which we did by knocking through door frames to create a big enough access point.

Then came the task of manoeuvring the units and positioning them side by side.” Once the swim spas were in, Hydropool Devon got to work on the rest of the new spa facilities at the hotel, which include a Tylö sauna and steam room, two wet rooms, beauty treatment rooms and a reception area. The mammoth project took just under 16 weeks to complete and the new suite was officially opened at the end of April.

The facilities will be used primarily by the hotel guests, but the spa will also offer exclusive membership for non-residents. David adds: “We’re delighted to have been involved with such a unique project. It’s certainly one of the biggest and most interesting jobs that we have undertaken and it’s a big step forward for Devon.”

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