MYSPA OWNERS Andy and Laura Wroot were crowned Retailers Of The Year at the recent UK Pool & Spa Awards.
MYSPA OWNERS Andy and Laura Wroot were crowned Retailers Of The Year at the recent UK Pool & Spa Awards.

Crowned as the UK Pool & Spa Awards’ Spa Retailers of the Year, MySpa owners Andy and Laura Wroot, shared news of their win with their team in a huddle at the company’s Christmas party, the following evening. The prestigious title reflected the outstanding overall performance and growth of the MySpa team alongside the MySpa company.

“Of all the awards we have won over the years, this one was definitely met with the best response from everyone,” shares Andy, co-founder and Managing Director of the company. “The team was completely made-up and appreciate the recognition for their individual roles in helping us continue to build a successful business.” Andy continues: “We are humbled and very grateful to everyone who voted for us, this achievement means so much to us.

“At the end of a very tricky few years for not just our business but the entire pool and spa industry, this is a great reason to celebrate what we have accomplished.” Building on foundations laid by Andy, and his father Peter Wroot, when they founded the business in 1998, MySpa has continued to grow as an established retailer of hot tubs, swim spas and associated products, opening a brand new fourth retail location in Derbyshire.

MYSPA HAS RETAINED Its core values through its remarkable business growth.
MYSPA HAS RETAINED Its core values through its remarkable business growth.

Following the successful launch of a second retail location in Cheshire was unveiled in 2020 A third location in Rutland in 2021, was closely followed by the successful opening of MySpa’s fourth and largest indoor location in the heart of Derbyshire. Andy reflects: “The company’s customer base has continued to grow and we couldn’t be prouder of the team we have in place and how well they have met and overcome the numerous challenges the last year has thrown our way!

“Our team has evolved and grown and we have continued to invest in training ourselves as owners, as well as the entire team.” Crucially Andy and Laura have run six-monthly alignment training days for all team members. In 2022 they bought external expertise from a third-party customer service training company which was well received by everyone with many great lessons taken away and successfully implemented.

This has resulted in the company running more efficiently and a happier and more productive work environment for everyone. New members of the team joining this year have integrated well and the company’s documented training programs have helped them get up to speed much more quickly.

“MySpa was founded on good service work and this year we have also seen healthy growth in this sector of the business as well,” says Andy. “This has always provided the foundation for us to operate and grow from over the years and provides the stability needed during quieter periods,” he continues.

“2023 poses more challenges for us, starting immediately as our time at our Leicestershire birthplace and home has come to an end, with builders moving in from March to bring more new houses to the area,” explains Andy. “We have now begun our big move to two new locations, bringing our retail site to the local Dobbies Garden Centre up the road, ready for launch in February.

“Then also moving our entire back office and storage to a new location in Coalville, Leicestershire which will provide new distribution hub with office and warehousing space, as well as a training and meeting room which will allow us to continue to invest in training and personal development for our team.”

It is a mammoth task for everyone involved to make this happen in a short space of time whilst also fulfilling a busy servicing maintenance schedule but everyone involved with MySpa remains highly motivated and excited about the new opportunities these moves can bring. This, coupled with the additional credibility of being Spa Retailer of the Year gives MySpa a lot of additional marketing opportunities to take advantage of, moving forward.

“Everyone has worked so hard and we are excited about the future of MySpa as we continue to build on what we have created together,” says Andy, as his wife, Co-Owner and Director, Laura Wroot adds: “What a great way to finish the year and set ourselves up for a successful 2023.”

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