Triathlete Chooses Jacuzzi


Women’s World Triathlon Champion, Helen Jenkins, uses Jacuzzi® hydromassage as part of her training regime helping her body recover so she can push herself harder. Triathlons are a gruelling test of fitness and strength, covering running, swimming and cycling in one race. As a result this race impacts on every muscle group in the body, it demands plenty of stamina and peak physical fitness to compete. Helen Jenkins took the advice of her coach and invested in Jacuzzi® selecting the J480IP which features six hydrotherapy stations designed to deliver optimum hydromassage to all areas of the body. Since installing the hot tub, Helen has already discovered that Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy can support her training programme “I find after using Jacuzzi® hydromassage, my body and mind feel relaxed allowing me to rest and prepare for the next day both physically and mentally,” says Helen who will be writing blogs for Jacuzzi® over the next six months describing how her hot tub has helped her to recover strong and train harder. Massage has long been used by athletes in recovery programmes, helping them to reduce muscles stiffness and recover strong in order to train harder. Hydrotherapy massage is not an alternative for medical massage treatments, but it is easily carried out at home and can be used to support a healthy active lifestyle, it can genuinely support a training programme by assisting the body in recovery.
Back Pain: Only genuine hydrotherapy can help relieve aches, pains and symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, so what better place for Jacuzzi Spa & Bath, the innovators and inventors of the original hydrotherapy jet to offer their products, than The Back Pain Show. As its title suggests, The Back Pain show is dedicated to back pain sufferers along with the health professionals that help them. With an estimated attendance of around 7,000 visitors including 5,000 sufferers over two days, the Back Pain Show invites visitors to Olympia, London, to find solutions for back pain, learn from world leading consultants and doctors, experience new products and treatments, stay fit with back friendly exercises and classes and relax with a wide range of massage therapies. For Jacuzzi Spa & Bath, The Back Pain Show will see the launch of an exciting scientific communication project, recently carried out by two professors of the University of Milan in association with Jacuzzi Europe. ‘Jacuzzi, the New Shape of Wellbeing’ promotes Jacuzzi® hydromassage products through an educational campaign on all the elements of hydrotherapy, detailing the personal benefits particular to Jacuzzi® products.
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