HTSS-Autumn pg16Now available in the UK, SpaNet is an Australian brand with a focus on the design and manufacture of innovative, energy efficient, premium quality spa pool control systems and ancillary products.
With a huge focus on energy efficiency, compared with other brands, R&D teams in Australia and NZ have many years of experience developing high end pool spa control packs, heat pumps, water pumps, air blowers and spa lighting. Main highlights include:
• PowerSmart Technology – Energy efficient features such as Dynamic Thermal Tuning and Smart Filtration ensures your spa costs less to run
• Smart Variable Heater – Automatically increases or decreases output level (kW) depending on available power when accessory pumps are running
• Heat Pump Interface – Dedicated interface for seamless plug-n-play connectivity and control of a SV Series power saving heat pump
• DualcoreHeat or Cool (for heat pumps) – Automatic heating or cooling of the spa water from 10º C to 40º C. Heat or cool your spa depending on season
• Cold Climate heat pump that operates to -25C
“The market for spa components has been dominated by Balboa and Gecko and as a result they’ve not had the need to innovate since there are few alternatives that give customers a better choice,” comments Chris Perry of SpaNet UK. “Increasing trends toward energy efficiency and built to last products make SpaNet an obvious choice. Also, we have stock!”
Targeting hot tub manufacturers both large and small, SpaNet currently supply to small manufacturers building out just 20 spas per month up to larger manufacturers selling 1000 plus spas per month.
“We are also targeting spa service companies looking to perform pack upgrades, convert spas to heat pump operation and use SpaNet Smartfo pumps.”

SpaNet Europe
Tel. 020 3376 3610