Whirlpool Regeneration For Maax Spas

WhirlpoolMaax Spas Corporation have been producing spas since 1969 and currently stands as the third largest manufacturer of hot tubs in the world and the largest, solely US manufacturer.

With its five, well-established brands, Maax was very comfortable, if not conservative in its thinking. Things changed in January 2017 when Maax Corp was bought by the American Bath Group who have a different vision on how the company should move forward. Is there a need for five brands? Do they really need 105 different models running through the production line? These were just a couple of many questions asked and the ultimate answer they agreed, was NO.

Does it make sense to reduce the model range by 60 percent, reduce the amount of different component used and make the production line more standardised, the simply answer is YES!

The outcome, take the best bits of four brands, including L.A. and Maax Spas, and forge them into one producing the super brand American Whirlpool. The line-up now includes 24 best-selling models, built by craftsman using quality parts, innovative processes, and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

So what does this mean for the UK distributor Aqua Warehouse Group, well it’s a win, win, win, scenario say Richard Hart, Managing Director: “The American Whirlpool brand is massive and the introduction has many positives for us and especially for our main brand Vita Spas,” he says.

“The factory was always slow with PR and Marketing, which is understandable with five different brands, well now with only two brands to focus on, it’s easier and we are already seeing the benefits. “We are also very excited to see some excellent improvement upgrades to the Vita Spa range, improvements we have wanted for a long time, but again with five brands it was difficult.”

The new American Whirlpool range utilises current hydrotherapy seating, steel frame construction and innovative Northern Exposure insulation system combined with improved visual appeal, ergonomic controls and proprietary topside controls. With new cascade jets, redesigned textured pillows, illuminated coasters with the brand icon, branded footwell, stainless steel branding on the filter housing and the new status icon on the cabinet, American Whirlpool is set to make a major splash in the UK market.

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