wish listA Luxury Spas Direct customer was looking for high quality spa that would offer generous space inside and would complement the design and ambience of their garden.

Health benefits were very high on this this Luxury Spas Direct customers’ wish list. They wanted a deep hydrotherapy massage so LSD recommended the Helix jets, exclusive to Artesian Spas, as the best option for them. Their garden has a steep incline the further back you go so LSD suggested the raised back profile of the Artesian Elite range would really fit well with the existing scheme.
The customer was keen on a lounger and with the space available, the Eagle Crest was the best fit.
Not only was access to the property limited, the spa was to be positioned in a raised area that would have required us to lift it up some steps next to the swimming pool. For both ease and safety reasons a crane lift was the only sensible option. LSD made all the arrangement for this on behalf of the client.
The client responded with a rave review: “Luxury Spas Direct handled the project with complete professionalism throughout.
They worked closely with both the electricians and landscapers to ensure every detail of the installation was covered and they arranged for a crane to lift the spa from the street straight into place.
We love the Artesian Elite that Luxury Spas recommended. We have already started to feel more relaxed and refreshed after just a few sessions.”

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