Foreign Markets Prove Fruitful

David Dunn has taken Aligator Systems to fresh fields.

Essex-based Aligator Systems designs and manufactures
ionisation products to purify water in swimming pools and
water systems.
Faced with an unpredictable English climate, sales
manager, David Dunn set his sights on the warmer parts of
southern Europe and its higher ratio of pools per person.
With help from the UKTI’s Passport to Export, David was
able to develop an export strategy which focussed on attending
the world’s leading event for swimming pool manufacturers
and suppliers – Piscine, held in Barcelona in 2009.
Once there, Aligator picked up over 40 leads from
potential agents in Turkey and perhaps more surprisingly ten
from Belgium and a further three in Sweden.
Just twelve months later, Aligator’s overseas sales have
increased by 100% and the company’s products are now
installed in hundreds of swimming pools throughout the
Mediterranean. Agents have been appointed in three
countries and an in-depth market research carried out in
two others.
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